What is MakeSchools trying to do?

There's already a tremendous investment by higher education institutions in empowering the next generation of Makers. We want to help support this even more.

Our primary goals are to:

  1. increase understanding of the potential and value of Making in Higher Education
  2. illustrate how support for Making in Higher Education translates into tangible gains (student success, economic development, innovation, and groundbreaking research);
  3. support the Higher Education community in identifying and sharing key resources for instructional and institutional success through Making;
  4. catalyze innovation in STEM and STEAM education through Making by connecting leaders in these approaches to the community and to industry;
  5. foster opportunities for student and community Makers to connect through US campuses; and
  6. support new K-12 pathways for young Makers, and increase access to Higher Education through Making outcomes.

Our starting point for this, is to collect a series of profiles which showcase how different institutions around the nation are engaging 'Maker culture', to increase shared understanding and support this higher ed. community.


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